The Best of the Smoky Mountains Fall Foliage


Fall is the best season of the year to me. It is gorgeous but living in Houston, I have to travel to see the real beauty of Fall. That’s ok though! This past week and last year in October my family and I went to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee (and a little North Carolina but more on that next post). We hiked and did several fun things there at the Smoky Mountain National Park and surrounding area. I hope with all these pictures, I will convince you to see the Smoky Mountains for yourself lol. I love nature photography. I challenge myself each time to get the best angles but there is nothing like being there in person. Pictures capture moments but being there you get to make memories. Memories of driving through miles and miles of nothing but gorgeous fall colors is something my heart will never forget.

My latest travel post I wrote about some tips whenever you do visit the Smoky Mountains (see I said when not if lol) check that post out here. There was so many pictures I took and I didn’t have a blog last year when we went, so I am combining. Today’s post is showing off the Best of the Smoky Mountains from both trips and the next travel post will be what we actually did in the Smoky Mountains and where we stayed etc (update the post is now live click here). Don’t miss the next travel post as well. You may have seen a few already if you follow me on Instagram @naomi.noel. Hope you enjoy these pictures. There is something about going through these pictures that improves my mood instantly and makes me fall in love with getting lost in the woods all over again. My mom and I even started singing when were there “Purple Mountains majesty above the fruited plane.” America is beautiful! Hope you enjoy the journey there through these pictures!












the beauty in letting dead things go




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