Welcome! Thank you for coming to finite1.com. My hope is that this website encourages you and helps you in a positive way! To check out the story behind the name “Finite1” click this.

A little about me, I am a southern gal born and raised outside Houston, Texas. I have a few lifelong passions including dance, especially classical ballet, fashion, and traveling. I worked several years consulting in fashion, fine jewelry, and cosmetics. It is fun to have a platform to share my style tips now through blogging.

Additionally, one of my biggest lifelong passions is writing. I started writing as a hobby in 7th grade and developed a strong desire in wanting to help people. Years later, I became a 1st generation college graduate earning my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology and became a published researcher. Even back then as a 7th grader, I always desired an avenue to share things that I had learned and gone through from my heart to encourage others. So the heart of Finite1 is to encourage you! I’m glad you are here. Please reach out to me (contact form below) with any questions, style tips, or requests. I would love to hear from you!

~ Naomi Noel Trevino

“We’re Finite; God’s Infinite”